2020 Is Kicked Off With The CES Blockchain Event

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CES – Consumer Technology Association

CES is a technology trading show that allows companies and consumers to showcase the newest technologies in the electronics industry. CES which is organized by the Consumer Technology Association is highly sought-after as over 182,000 people attended last year. This year’s launch of the trade show will mark the fifth year that digital currency will have its own segment which features blockchain technology talks and showcases. The digital currency talks will begin on January 7th and will be wrapped up on January 9th

New Technologies We Can Expect

With the trade show creeping slowly up, we can identify a few technologies that will be especially important to consumers in 2020. Involvement in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been increasingly important for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts over the 2019 year. More miners and validators have been increasing rapidly as consumers have seen that there is an extraordinary opportunity in cashing in on transaction fees. 

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With the increasing engagement in cryptocurrency miners, we can expect more reasonability obtainable mining devices. CES will help showcase the need and desire for more handheld, mobile and “ready to use” blockchain mining devices that will allow normal consumers to contribute to the blockchain economy in an efficient way. CES will be the perfect environment to bring the conversation on equal mining to light as great cryptocurrency minds will be attending the event and thousands of consumers eagerly waiting for this revolutionary technology. 

Emphasis On Security

CES will not only feature some revolutionary technology like advanced mining hardware, but the tradeshow will highlight the importance of personal cryptocurrency security. When looking at the list of cryptocurrency talks, a common theme of security and privacy is constantly held. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrency can be an extremely revolutionary technology, but that does not prevent scams and exploits that can leave investors with losses. It is very important for anyone involved in this technology to practice safe trading and holding which is only possible when the private keys are held personally and not held by a third party. Many investors prefer cold wallets when protecting their cryptocurrency assets, however this can still be ineffective as the device can be stolen or poorly secured by the manufacturing/software company. The ITBx Cold Wallet offers superb protection with thermal technology and patent pending ephemeral key wrapping which creates the most secure hardware available on the market. 

This years CES trade show will pave the direction in which the blockchain industry moves in terms of revolutionary technological innovation. The trade show has already signaled that consumers and producers are interested in mining and increased asset protection. The new security standard in 2020 will make unsecured wallets without thermal technology outdated, so make the change today! 

TOP CES 2020 Crypto Talks This January:

The Libra Effect 

Tuesday, January 7th, 9:00-9:55am

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

The Libra Effect will feature some of the top technology companies that are pushing towards creating financial systems like Facebook has with Libra. The year 2019 pushed a lot of companies to get into the banking and financial space as there has been a great deal of support for equal decentralized banking. A representative from CoinDesk and the Libra Foundation will kick off the talk. 

Privacy, Ethics, $$$: A New Complex Frontier 

Tuesday, January 7th, 10:05-10:40am

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4305

Privacy is a foundational value within cryptocurrency and has been questioned in industries where privacy is essential, like health care. The medicine industry has HIPAA laws that protect individual’s health records and holds confidentiality restrictions. Learn how this industry could be potentially revolutionized with blockchain technology through private transactions. Two health care veterans will speak about the change in the industry that they are seeing, and why companies should start to adapt blockchain technology. 

Untold Stories of the Crypto Revolution

Tuesday, January 7th, 12:10-12:40pm

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

This event was made for cryptocurrency enthusiasts as it will feature a live podcast of three influencers who will talk about stories that the top cryptocurrency sites have not picked up. Vinny Liingham (Civic cryptocurrency founder), Brock Pierce (Bitcoin Foundation Chairman), and Charlie Shrem (Bitinstant co-founder) will be the main speakers while Martine Paris(Freelance reporter) will moderate the talk. 

Fireside Chat: Wall Street Meets Crypto Alley

Tuesday, January 7th, 1:00-1:25pm 

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

The Fireside chat is a quick 25-minute talk where executives from big blockchain companies talk about their plans for digital assets. If you are interested in the evolution of cryptocurrency then this talk will be perfect for you. Nitin Guar (IBM Director of the digital asset division), Jeanine Hightower-Sellitto (Gemini Managing Director of Operations), Kat Sullivan (Galaxy Digital Director of Asset Management) will be speaking about their companies plans for cryptocurrency advancement. 

A Survivor’s Guide to Investing in Crypto

Tuesday, January 7th, 1:25-2:05pm

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

Buying cryptocurrency can be a difficult task for a newer investor, so this talk will feature helpful advice on how to make a safe investment.  The talk is lead by four executives of big companies that have angled blockchain technology in their operations. Jonathan Johnson (CEO of Overstock), Alex Mashinsky (CEO of Celsius Network), Matthew Roszak (Co-founder of Bloq Inc) and Michael Terpin (CEO of Transform Group) will give their personal advice on how to make a investment in cryptocurrency, and the importance of having a decentralized blockchain. 

Blockchain: Overcoming Obstacles Starts with Regulation

Tuesday, January 7th, 2:05-2:45pm

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

Regulation is a defining component in cryptocurrency for businesses that try and utilize the technology. In this talk, six speakers will discuss their views on regulation in the blockchain space and explain where they believe it will go. If you are a business owner who believes the integration of blockchain could be beneficial, this talk will be especially useful to you. Combiz Abdolrahimi (Innovation Leader at Deloitte), Michelle Bond (Global head of regulation at Ripple), Jason Brett(CEO of Value Technology Foundation), Michael Casey (Chief Content Officer at Coindesk), Thomas Maxon (Head of US Operations at Coolbitx), and Lisa Sutton(Co-founder of Sin City Cupcakes) will be giving their expert opinions on the regulatory restrictions that are being put on the blockchain industry.

Blockchain’s Technical Hurdles

Tuesday, January 7th, 2:45-3:15pm 

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

 Many technical problems have risen in blockchain technology, ranging from transaction speeds to smart contract bugs. Unlike the previous talks this one will be directed mainly towards the tech savvy user as it will express direct issues that are arising in the blockchain industry. Steven Becker (COO of MakerDAO), Rick Bleszynski (CEO of Zocial), Robin Raskin (Founder of Living in Digital Times), and Pooja Sah (Co lead of Filecoin) will take you on the technical journey and explain their individual experiences with the blockchain. 

The Holy Grail: Digital ID’s, Privacy, Trust

Tuesday, January 7th, 3:15-3:55pm

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

Digital signatures and innovative verification methods are revolutionizing the way that we identify people online, this talk will explain the different trust factors that will play a role in keeping bad actors out of the ecosystem will being able to quickly identity the good ones for a seamless transaction. This talk will be kicked off by Phil Chen (Decentralized Chief Officer of HTC), Joe Cutler (Partner of Perkins Cole LLP), Bimal Gandhi (CEO of Uniken), Robin Raskin (Founder of Living in Digital Times) and Rob Wisniewski (CTO of CLEAR). 

Token 2020: A Futurist’s Look

Tuesday, January 7th, 4:05-450pm

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

2017 was the ICO frenzy in the cryptocurrency market, and in this talk Michael Terpin (CEO of Transform Group) will explain how ICO’s will look in 2020. The main topic of discussion will be held around tokenized securities and a new form of IPO that we may see with companies. Other speakers will include Richard Dennis (CEO of TemTum) and Duane Jacobsen (CEO of Blocksafe Holdings Inc).

Building the New Internet One Chain at A Time

Tuesday, January 7th, 4:50-5:20pm 

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

Blockchain can be useful in many different industries and so this talk will aim at explaining how blockchain can help beyond the financial industry. Larry King (Broadcaster at Larry King Now) and Christa Steele (Corporate Board Director of Christasteele.com) will explain their thoughts on blockchain technology outside of being a stored value. 

Panel and Reception: International Roundtable

Tuesday, January 7th, 5:30-6:30pm

Location: Venetian Level 4 Lando 4302

Blockchain technology reaches consumers from all over the world, so this talk will explain the global jurisdictions that are applied within blockchain. This event is RSVP only so make sure to sign up by emailing fekulatina@gmail.com to reserve your seat. The talk will be lead by Chris Garrod (Director of Conyers) and Thomas Maxon (Head of US Operations at Coolbitx). 

Blockchain Building Better Business

Tuesday, January 9th, 1:00-2:00PM

Location: LVCC North Hall N256

This special one-hour talk will focus on the ability to create better businesses using the many benefits that blockchain technology offers. The regulatory framework and structures within blockchain governance will take a special role in this talk. The talk will include some of the top speakers in the financial space like Sandra Ro (CEO of Global Blockchain Business Council), Tanya Stephens (Senior Innovative Leader at Procter & Gamble), Ed Vaizey(Executive at LionTree), Clyde Vanel (Assemblyman of New York) and Claire Vishik (Director of Trust Technology and Policy at Intel). 

Interesting CES 2020 Crypto Exhibitors to Visit This January:

Crypto Watches

Booth: Sands, Hall G-53150

Crypto Watches is an innovative watch brand that aims to use blockchain technology with their digital collectible smartwatch faces. Collin Knock (Crypto watch CEO) believes that this product will be competitive in the fashion space, but will uniquely have competitiveness as the first crypto watch collectible. 

Max Powers, LLC

Booth: Sands, Hall G-53560 Eureka Park

Max Powers is a blockchain router that wants to bring decentralized internet to the world and help people on a global scale. The router will allow users to access regular websites with high powered encryption to make sure that they are secured. This product aims to use the features of a distributed network in order to maintain the highest security possible. 

Zocial Pte. Ltd

Booth: Sands, Halls A-D-45940

Zocial Pte is a blockchain project that is aiming to create an advanced mobile experience by integrating social messaging, mobile commerce and financial services in one easy convenient space. They will be using Blockchain Architecture to ensure that the problems with scalability, security and latency are solved. Zocial believes that their product will be able to compete with the financial industry directly since they are able to use the beneficial tools on the blockchain to service their needs. The product will start in South East Asia and will eventually scale up to serve clients globally. 


Booth: Sands, Hall G-52742

PopCom is a blockchain project that is working on creating a SaaS solution with retail technology to solve the bad IQ vending machine/kiosks. Facial recognition and machine learning will be implemented into the hardware in order to make a pleasant customer relationship experience. This technology does not only help with vending machines but could eventually be adopted in other phases of retail making it a revolutionary product. PopCom will collect and store valuable customer data which will allow them to offer customized options when it comes to retail purchasing. 

ANote Music

Booth: Sands, Hall G-51063

ANote Music is developing an active marketplace where artists will be able to buy/sell their music rights in a fair space. This new market will allow investors to safely purchase music rights, while paying the artists directly for their music. Transparency is extremely important in this industry and so ANote Music will be using blockchain technology to facilitate the transactions. This marketplace will allow artists, record labels, publishers and songwriters to get paid directly instead of waiting years to receive their funds.


Booth: Sands, Hall G-53114

Uatag is offering unique tags on the blockchain that will authenticate items and prevent counterfeiting items from being accepted as authentic. The tags will be generated through the blockchain and will allow consumers to validate the tags when the authentication of the item is in concern. Billions of dollars are spent buying counterfeit items every year and in some industries like medicine it can be deadly to receive counterfeit products.  

See the full schedule of blockchain CES events starting January 7th, 2020 at https://www.ces.tech/Topics/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency.aspx

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