Investors! We’re Holding a Reg D Offering!

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Accredited investors can participate by investing in a convertible note that pays 8% per year and converts to ITBiometrics stock at a 50% discount just prior to a planned Regulation A IPO.

Our founder Howard Prager states, “ITBiometrics has a Regulation A IPO planned within the next twelve months, where even non-accredited investors will be able to invest and have publicly traded stock in our company.” 

We plan on strategically partnering with investors to help scale manufacturing and distribution of our OEM hardware products with biometric technology so more businesses, governments, and individuals can benefit from greatly increased security. 

“Our powerful new products, the ITBx™, and the BCD™, are poised to completely transform identity authentication. Funding means we’ll be able to quickly penetrate the market, invest in product development, and move faster towards universal adoption,” states Howard. 

Our team of veteran startup executives and visionary inventors has a singular vision, to provide biometric solutions to completely eliminate fraud and hacking. With an increasing need for crypto security and secure credentialing, our team developed the ITBx Fingerprint Wallet and the Biometric Credentialing Device to tackle these problems. 

The ITBx™ is a fingerprint hardware wallet that is specifically designed for those who want the security of knowing their data, encrypted by their fingerprint, cannot be lost even if they lose the ITBx. Since it is carried in their fingerprint, it can be restored with it, and the seed file that provides the decryption code, using another ITBx(™). 

The Biometric Credentialing Device (BCD™) simplifies and secures purchases, transactions, and logins with only a fingerprint. No need to worry about entering passwords or all of the information about your credit card account ever again. In 0.55 second you will be buying what you want.

Howard explains, “These products have the opportunity to take advantage of biometrics in a way that expedites transactions, reduces theft, prevents fraud, and gives you an entirely new level of financial security. Investing in ITBiometrics means you’re helping us create a more secure and stress-free world through biometric authentication. Learn more about our products at ITBiometrics.com.” 

Investors if you’re interested in our Reg D offering, please go to:

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