The ITBc™ Fingerprint Credit Card
Assuring Absolute Security With Just Your Fingerprint
Secure Biometric Identity Authentication
ITBx™ Fingerprint Wallet
The ITBx™ ultra secure cold hardware fingerprint wallet for digital currencies.
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The BCD™
A Personal Biometric Credentialing Device That Secures your NFT's and Tokens
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A biometrics company with powerful new products for

Identity Authentication

ITBiometrics, Inc. is a USA Corporation specializing in absolute security for online and offline financial transactions using biometric identity authentication. We manufacture and distribute OEM hardware products with biometric technology for use by businesses, governments, and individuals in high-security use cases. temperatures.

The ITBc Fingerprint Card

The New Biometric Fingerprint Credit Card
For Secure Identity Authentication

  • Can only be used by the person issued the card
  • Absolute identity assured by the issuer’s fingerprint
  • Fingerprint sensor cannot be hacked due to security features
  • Works through the same Mastercard and Visa Systems
  • Combines chip technology with biometrics
  • Slashes debit and credit card fraud for both issuers and banks
  • Same dimensions as a regular credit card

The BCD™️

A Personal Biometric Credentialing Device

  • Safely stores your NFT’s and tokens
  • Assures access to your private keys with your fingerprint
  • Manages public and private keys blockchain and cryptographic solutions
  • Secure Fingerprint biometrics Subscribing web hosts have secure absolute identity
  • Say goodbye to passwords forever
  • Prevents Identity theft for the user
  • Lowers the risk of fraud expense for Visa & MasterCard
  • Speeds up transaction time

ITBx™ Fingerprint Wallet

What makes the ITBx™ Fingerprint Wallet Safer Than Other Digital Hardware Wallets?

  • Biometric Security
  • Multi-Signature Authentication
  • Open-Source Storage
  • Ephemeral Key Wrapping
  • Maximum Security for Digital Currencies
  • Unique spoof-proof fingerprint reader that also reads pulse

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