Equity Crowdfunding 101: You Can Now Reserve Shares in ITBiometrics!

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We’re proud to announce that ITBiometrics is live on Wefunder and accepting investment reservations from everyday US retail investors!

Before I dive more into the investment opportunity, take a step back for a moment, and imagine

if you could invest in the next upcoming startup like Airbnb or Uber before their IPOs. 

You would be proud of yourself for making such a savvy investment, while also enjoying a large return on investment. 

Prior to 2013, everyday investors like you and I couldn’t invest in pre-IPO companies like Uber and Airbnb. Meaning you couldn’t invest in these companies until they went live on the stock market. Only angel investors had access to these awesome investment opportunities. 

But not anymore. 

With the passage of the Title III of the JOBS Act, equity crowdfunding became a viable option for companies like ITBiometrics, where anyone can invest like Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank through equity crowdfunding portals like Wefunder. 

Since equity crowdfunding is a relatively young phenomenon, but a growing viable opportunity for investors and startups alike, I’m going to break down equity crowdfunding more in depth, and explain what that means for ITBiometrics. 

Equity Crowdfunding 101

In 2012, President Barack Obama signed the JOBS Act into law. One of the many provisions in this landmark legislation allowed private companies to raise capital from private investors. 

Initially, this legislation only allowed private companies to raise capital from accredited investors, a select group mostly made up of the wealthiest 2% of Americans. This type of fundraising was called a Reg D raise.

In 2015, Title IV of the JOBS Act (also known as Regulation A+ or Reg A+ for short) went into effect. This expanded the group of potential investors from accredited investors to all investors. An equity crowdfunding campaign under Reg A+ is often called a “mini-IPO.” Though Reg A raises allowed businesses to expand their investor pool, the SEC clearance, paperwork, filing, and fees to be qualified to run a Reg A raise were steep and created a barrier to entry for many startups. Shortly after, Reg CF raises went into effect, which still allowed startups to raise money for accredited and non-accredited investors, however, required a much lighter pre-clearance from the SEC.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the three types of equity crowdfunding raises: 

Reg CF

  • Cap: $5M due to the new SEC regulations. Prior it was $1.08M
  • Non-accredited and accredited investors
  • MUST be held through a funding platform
  • SEC filing required, light pre-clearance

Reg A+ 

  • AKA: The mini-IPO
  • Cap: $75M due to the new SEC regulations. Prior it was $50M
  • Non-accredited and accredited investors
  • Significant SEC filing and pre-clearance

Reg D

  • Unlimited cap on fundraised capital
  • Accredited investors only
  • Does not require a broker-dealer or platform
  • The only kind of crowdfunding available before the JOBS Act in 2012

ITBiometrics is currently live with a Reg CF raise, so let’s go into a little more detail on this specific type of crowdfunding raise.

Reg CF and What it Means for ITBiometrics

As previously mentioned, Title III of the JOBS act democratized startup investing. To start, companies could raise a maximum of $1.08M from retail, every-day investors through a licensed platform such as Wefunder, MicroVentures, and StartEngine. 

Though $1.08M is a good start for many startups, it’s not nearly enough to scale at the levels startups need to succeed. As a result, amendments were drafted to raise the maximum raised during a Reg CF campaign.

The 2020 pandemic was a catalyst for these amendments to go into effect sooner than anticipated in an effort to help startups raise more capital during a time where angel investment was limited. 

On March 15, 2021 the SEC passed amendments to Title III, and companies like ITbiometrics can raise up to $5M in investment through retail investors in exchange for shares of the company. 

Join ITBiometrics as an Investor!

ITBiometrics has several ambitious goals in mind that we can reach with the support of a successful equity crowdfunding campaign. We plan to further the development of our product line which includes, The ITBx™, The BCD™, and The ITBc™ Fingerprint Credit Card. These all incorporate the patent pending semiconductor, firmware, and software that, unique vs all other known biometric solutions, enable people to prevent others from access to their digital assets, files, and cryptocurrency, but enable the people to selectively share their identity and whatever other information they want, with fingerprint(s), nevertheless preventing  losing the data, because fingerprint(s) restore it on an equivalent new device.

In the near future, we also plan on releasing several updates and features to our existing products, as well as develop completely new biometric products in the upcoming years. 

These products will be part of our plan to push into commercial markets, an expansion that will be funded by our equity crowdfunding campaign. We are also planning to expand our retail footprint specifically for our ITBx™ into crypto dealer channels, and the BCD™ and ITBc™ into bank channels. 

If you want to invest in a company with strong leadership, exciting growth, and bright future, join our equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder. Your investment will garner you a piece of our company so that you can profit from our growth in the future. 

Moreover, your investment in ITBiometrics comes with PERKS!

Invest $250 – Receive 50% off the retail sale price of any of our products up to $250.

Invest $500 – Receive a free ITBx PLUS 50% off the retail sale price of any of our products up to $500.

Invest $1000 – Receive a free ITBx PLUS 50% off the retail sale price of any of our products up to $1000.

Invest $10,000 – Receive a free ITBx PLUS 50% off the retail sale price of any of our products up to $10,000.

Our Reg CF equity crowdfunding campaign has been SEC-qualified and our team has a long track record of success, so you can invest with confidence. 

Check out our campaign video and reserve your shares in ITBiometrics today! 

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