Introducing The ITBx Wallet From ITBiometrics

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Welcome to the future of cryptocurrency cold storage. We are so excited to invite you into a safer, more secure world of cryptocurrency. As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular worldwide, we’ve noticed a definite need for more advanced storage options.

That’s what led us to create the ITB Platform, headlined by our ITBx Wallet. Our hardware wallet keeps your high-value assets safer than any other cold storage wallet thanks to its state-of-the-art biometric technology. Take a look below to learn more about the ITBx Wallet, then become one of the first with access to the technology by signing up on the waitlist.

Cold Wallet

Whether you were an early investor in crypto and now have the high-value assets to show for it, or you’re just beginning to trade crypto, understanding the importance of a cold wallet and when to use it is invaluable. To think about it in layman’s terms, a cold storage wallet is to a safety deposit box as a hot storage wallet is to a checking account. 

Assets in hot cryptocurrency wallets are instantly available for transactions as they are accessible via internet access. This makes a hot crypto wallet suitable for small holdings, not unlike someone carrying small amounts of cash with them in their daily wallet. 

Cold storage wallets, however, are necessary for larger holdings as they are kept entirely offline and provide much more security. Whereas your private keys — a unique ID string used to send and receive assets — are always in contact with an online server for hot wallets, cold wallets are only accessible offline, mitigating many of the risks hackers present.

Biometric Security

What makes our hardware wallet so special is its added form of security in the form of biometric authentication. Look at other cold crypto wallets out there and you’ll notice the same form of access — security codes or passphrases. What if that security code finds itself in the hands of an unintended party who now has access to all of your high-value assets?

Enter biometric authentication. We are the first cold cryptocurrency storage option to protect your holdings using biometric security, including fingerprint recognition, body temperature and blood flow detection, and ephemeral key wrapping. With multiple added layers of security — both before getting into your storage and when trying to make a transaction — our cold hardware wallet is the safest available.

Open-Source Software

Similar to cold versus hot storage, the applications of open- versus closed-source storage is crucial in the world of cryptocurrency storage. “Open source” means that rather than a central entity or source controlling the software and its code entirely, as is the case with closed-source technology, users of the platform are able to access the code freely.

This creates two main benefits of the open-source technology that the ITBx Wallet uses. When thousands of people are able to see the underlying codes that drive a technology, it is far more likely that bugs and discrepancies will be noticed and reported than if one entity had access to the code. Additionally, open-source softwares adds another layer of security by allowing users to see their individual transaction code and ensure it is accurate rather than letting a central entity do so.

We take great pride in protecting your most valuable assets, which is why we’ve put in the effort and innovation to create the safest cryptocurrency wallet available. Become an early adopter of this revolutionary hardware wallet today!

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