What a Stanford Professor Says About ITBiometrics

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Are we an essential factor for the next generation of identity verification and authentication systems? 

Stanford Consulting Professor Dr. P. Subra Subrahmanyam, who is ITBiometrics’ Chief Technology Officer, thinks so and looks forward to seeing how we can evolve financial security!

Ensuring Financial Security

Dr. P. Subra Subrahmanyam ponders on a relatable question: who doesn’t hate passwords? 

Many individuals have passwords for various accounts that are often forgotten or misplaced. Security breaches may lead to stolen passwords and exploitation by criminals. Conducting business transactions by using systems decreases the likelihood of fraud. 

This is why we have created products such as the ITBX™ to ensure financial security. The ITBx™ has patent-pending intellectual property. Our system cannot be hacked, tampered with or reverse engineered by design.

We set the system to self-erase if opened, then apply the firmware and software to each unit after leaving the manufacturer to protect our IP. Attempting to emulate our technology would mean starting from scratch. 

Evolving Financial Security

Dr. Subramanhyam feels that biometrics will play a critical role in the next generation of identity verification and authentication systems. Our ITBX™ cryptocurrency cold wallet is for tech-savvy crypto and blockchain consumers alike. 

This device only allows access to your accounts with your unique fingerprint. Circling back to the inquiry of do you hate passwords? We provide a passwordless experience.  

Find us on Wefunder

We appreciate Stanford Professor Dr. Subramanhyam taking the time to engage with us and deliver his insight on how we are providing a brighter future for the next generation of identity verification and authentication systems!

We look forward to delivering our products through a successful equity crowdfunding raise on Wefunder! Wefunder will allow us to deliver the next generation of products including the ITBX™, RTC™ and BCD™.

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