We’re ITBiometrics and This is Our Story

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It was a mid-week morning and our Founder, Howard Prager, was reviewing research at his desk as he commonly does. “It was my hobby to read other people’s research. I was interested in neuroscience and I was also interested in the fact that there’s a device in neuroscience that is being affected by artificial intelligence. I thought how dangerous that could be, and then I found out that Elon Musk is financing.” He was alarmed at the lack of forethought behind the initiative.

“I became motivated to cause there to be some kind of way to intervene, or at least provide a solution. One rabbit hole led to another and, as a tangent I fell onto the ITBx™, which is not a solution for that problem, but it is an important solution to provide.”

Howard has been in the computer industry for some time now having collaborated with Bill Gates on what is now DOS, and programming key-responses into the early Apple operating systems. “Back then the conversation was alway, ‘Can we have a biometric element?’ and the answer was no! The technology just wasn’t there.”

“I remember,” Howard continues,”when Microsoft and Google announced they were going to partner to defeat the password, and thinking that an independent solution, like ITBiometrics would be essential.”

We’re Solving the Problems With Passwords

There are countless problems with passwords and listing them all here would take all the space and time we’ve got. 

Instead, we’re listing a few of the obvious problems, and we highly recommend you read some of the articles linked below: 

  • Memorization is a notoriously unreliable way to store passwords. We all hate having to press the “Forgot Your Password” button. 
  • The sheer volume of passwords required is growing with increased app downloads.
  • Many sites increasingly require complicated passwords which make it harder to remember. 
  • Password management tools are prone to breaches, which happen far more often than you think.

Again, there are exhaustive essays and articles on all the problems with passwords, and we encourage you to read these articles to get a deeper understanding of the problems that passwords pose. 

For a shocking exercise, find out how many of your passwords are currently or recently compromised through Google

We guarantee the numbers will alarm you just as it alarmed one of our team mates, who found at the time of writing this article, that she had 33 website and application passwords compromised. 

“We designed the BCD™ to solve the password problem, but along the way blockchain emerged and then cryptocurrency was introduced.” Howard states, “We saw so many people getting hacked and losing electronic currency with hot wallets, that we decided to apply this technology to cold wallet storage.”

Because here’s the thing, “Hot wallet data and currency are stored on the cloud, which make it a huge target for hackers.” 

Initially, traders secured their bags using thumb drives and a slew of cold storage devices followed, but, “we also found an article on the dark web explaining 45 ways to hack all of our competitors, so we made ours unhackable,” Howard beams.

We’re confident when we say, “Cold storage with biometric credentialing is the security solution for serious alt-coin traders who want to protect their electronic holdings.” 

Our Big Vision

Our mission is to provide biometric solutions to those who need it most.

“Our team is composed of all kinds of visionaries and inventors with all kinds of backgrounds so we’ve made it our mission to provide our technology to people who need it most, not necessarily the highest bidder,” Howard admits. “One of our team-members was a refugee as a child and has worked with refugees in a philanthropic capacity as an adult. She has kept us looking at how we can support displaced communities around the world with our technology.”

“We’re renegades in our eyes,” continues Howard. A human-first approach has led to a series of initial products to give back to the community is a positive way. 

“I’m a big believer in turning poison into medicine,” Howard says, adapting the age-old lemons-to-lemonade standard. The point is, there are many people, small organizations, even large corporations who can benefit from our products, especially during these unprecedented times. 

Our Roadmap to Success

We believe our mission, vision, and products can make an unparalleled difference in technology and security. 

In an effort to scale our efforts, we are currently planning a RegA to raise capital from early investors. We plan on using all the proceeds for further product development, commercialization, and market penetration. 

Our team has a few wins under our belts to date and are happy to discuss at length, when you contact us.

The bottom line is, we manufacture and distribute OEM hardware products with biometric technology for those who need it the most. 

Our powerful new products, the ITBx™, the BCD™ are poised to completely transform identity authentication. 

We’re excited about sharing this opportunity with potential partners and investors and especially excited to reach new users who will be raving about the difference it makes in their lives.

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