ITBiometrics is calling all professional hackers to compete in our hacking contest.

We are offering a $10,000 prize to the first person that can hack our ultra-secure, cold hardware fingerprint wallet – the ITBx*. Sign up below with your hacking credentials** and we will put you on our list to be notified in the next few weeks when we are scheduled to release our first prototypes of our powerful new ITBx wallet for cyrptocurrencies.

We think the ITBx is the most secure wallet in the world because it uses a powerful new fingerprint reader that also reads your pulse.

No one will be able to copy your fingerprint and hack an iPhone like we did with a gummy bear:

See below and sign up and we will notify you as soon as the first limited production prototypes are available.
Hacker or not, you still might get one of the free ITBx’s that we plan give away to test.

Please sign up to be notified as soon as the ITBx™ is available

Or you may CALL us to speak to someone immediately: (855) 461-1171 or Direct: 310-871-3668

The hacker who hacks the wallet and wins the $10,000 prize will tell us how he hacked the wallet and let us use his name, and the recipients of free tester prototypes will also let us use their names and testimonials in our PR campaigns.

*You can sign up even if you don’t have any hacking credentials.
**However, if you ARE a big hacker, the ITBx could be your downfall, or at least a HUGE waste of your time, because our wallet cannot be hacked.

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